"A woman is not written in braille, you don’t have to touch her to know her."


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Day 30something: I didn’t think that it will take so little times until I can look at photos of us without feeling that sting in my heart. It shows I took the right decision. I’m feeling good.

"Usted caballero
tiene la capacidad absoluta,
de hacerme perder mi aliento con tan sólo una mirada."
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"Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it."
- Søren Kierkegaard (via itsquoted)
"Each man’s life represents the road toward himself, and attempt at such a road, the intimation of a path. No man has ever been entirely and completely himself. Yet each one strives to become that – one in an awkward, the other in a more intelligent way, each as best he can."
- Hermann Hesse (via itsquoted)